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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome To Piano Bench Week! Day 3: Dusty Purple Garden Bench

Hello and welcome to our third installment of Piano Bench Week! Ive been told that today's bench is actually an organ bench, but oh well. I still love it all the same. The people down the street were moving out of their house and left this beauty (as well as some other treasures) on the curb. Every time we drove by was like Christmas! We managed to snag an antique bookshelf, two card catalogs, 4 modern chairs, an antique filing cabinet, and this! Thank you, neighbors! Anyways, this is what we're working with today.

I tightened up the screws a little and painted it in Valspar's Purple Fury. I upholstered the top in 2 inch HD foam and this cute french garden themed fabric. Then I scotch guarded the fabric for protection. People ask me two questions about my pieces:
Question 1: Why do you use two inch foam? Its way more expensive and one inch gets the job done.
Answer: I use two inch foam because I feel that it gives a more plush, luxurious look to the finished product. I'm not in this to just get the job done. I want to put out a quality piece, even if it costs me a little more.
Question 2: Why do you scotch guard every piece?
Answer: Would you ever paint a piece and not give it a top coat? Even fabric needs protection from damage! I have two preschoolers. I know how quick things can go wrong, even if you're being careful. I feel like it also gives a barrier of protection while they're on the floor in my store. Not everyone has common sense, you know!

On to the reveal.....
So Cute!
Stay tuned for tomorrows installment, the gold and blue bench!

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