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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bentwood Rocker Redo

I found this beautiful bentwood rocker at a garage sale. Let me start off by saying, I LOVE these. I currently have four (yes, 4!) that I want to redo.
She has sure seen better days!!! I started off by tightening down all the screws so it didn't wobble. I sanded and spray painted the chair in a semigloss black, then coated it a few times in poly. Then I had my husband cut out a piece of plywood to serve as the seat and back. I then cut out some two inch HD foam from Joann's, wrapped it in fleece, and stapled it to the underside of the plywood. I like to cover everything in fleece before the final fabric for added plush softness. Some people say it doesn't make a difference, but i can tell! I covered the fleece with a pretty black and white damask fabric, scotch guarded both pieces, and screwed the pieces to the frame.

I love the way it turned out. The glossy black reminds me of wrought iron. My mom fell in love with it and claimed it as her own. It currently resides on her front porch! I cant wait to do my next one. I'm thinking a bright chevron or suzani pattern!!!! Stay tuned :)


  1. It looks so great. I love the paint and fabric choice. I wish that my bentwood had been in better condition when I found it.

  2. Thanks! Im so lucky to have a husband that is a pretty good woodworker.