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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Waiting Room Chairs and Ottoman Redo

Every year my moms neighborhood has a block wide garage sale. Its more like 6 blocks, but I can start at my house and walk through the whole sale, and end up at her house. We live that close. I found these two waiting room type chairs about halfway through. They had a little structural damage and they were ugly, but that's nothing I cant fix!!!! So they held them until the end so I could come back to pick them up. I couldn't exactly pile them into the baby stroller! At $2 each, I'd say I did pretty good. On the way to pick them up, I found this little ottoman for a whopping fifty cents. Yes. Fifty. Cents. They made the perfect set!!!!

I decided to go with a leopard print theme. I removed the upholstered part and fixed the structural damage. Then did the usual wrapping and stapling with a lovely leopard print fabric. I spray painted everything brown and assembled it all back together. Everything got a few coats of scotch guard and were good to go!!!!
What a difference!!!!! Disregard Baby Girl's Dora flip flop, ha. The husband sold the set in a garage sale for $40. Someone got a killer deal!


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