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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ugly Red Wingback Reupholster

Prepare your eyes for this baby. It is ugly. I got this poor chair from an auction, for $2.50. I guess I was the only one to see its potential. Or the only one with upholstery skills. Whichever. I stripped it of its ugly fabric. And by stripped, I mean removed a million tacks. And by a million, I mean a few hundred. Ha! Now, let me explain.... upholstery is not hard. It is just very time consuming. It does require some sewing skills but they're relatively easy to pick up. If you would like to see a detailed tutorial, please leave a comment in the comment section!!! 
After I got all the pieces removed I traced the pieces out onto fleece and the fabric. I got the fabric at Joann's. After I traced it all out I stapled it into place, and sewed the back in by hand. I didn't like the boring trim around the bottom originally, so I sewed up some double welt cording and used extra strength fabric glue to adhere it to the edge. I also painted the legs a dark purple, waxed them up all nice and shiny, then scotch guarded the fabric.

Overall, I'd say it came out pretty awesome! I'm pretty proud f it. I hope you like it too! Next time you see a chair like this, don't be afraid to make it beautiful.


  1. Beautiful job Patricia! I love that you painted the legs dark purple, what a cool touch. Can't wait to poke around your blog a bit and see what other fun things you've got here! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I just started blogging, but Ive been doing furniture forever. We have a tiny 9x9 store in the historic distric in town. Ever seen the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemy? Right across the street from there, lol

  3. This is a fabulous transformation, you find some very good deals!

  4. Thank you! We go to estate auctions and no one ever wants things like this! Chairs, wingbacks, lamps, most coffee tables.... They all go for $2.50!