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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet

My mom wanted to rearrange her kitchen but had this awkward cabinet in the way of where she wanted to put the fridge. She was going to toss it in the trash. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!! It was one of those slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" moments. HAHAHAHA. But seriously.... She thought it was cheap particle board because that's what the doors were made of. Nope! Solid wood!

I gave it a few coats of white chalk paint, built a little shelf, and tossed in a basket. Next, I had that handy husband cut a nice thick piece of plywood to make a top. I upholstered it with the usual two inch foam, fleece, and cute pink victorianish fabric. We attached it to the top with three hinges so you can store small things in the top, like a piano bench.

Here it is sitting in my shop, next to a few items for another day's posting :) Not too bad for something dumpsterbound!