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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coffee Table Turned Upholstered Ottoman

Let's talk about my auction experience for a minute..... My favorite auction to go to is held in a ginormous fair grounds building here in town. It starts at 5 and literally goes until midnight sometimes even 2 AM!!! And that is with THREE auctioneers going at once. Its very overwhelming at first, but you eventually fall into the groove.

Now, there is one adorable auctioneer (seriously, I love this kid) who knows of my love for beat up "garbage" furniture. Any time there is a piece that no one else wants he always says, " Sold to (my number) for $2.50". Half the time I'm on the other side of the building bidding on other things! He then makes a little pile of 'my purchases' for me in the corner. This may anger some people, but I take it as a challenge. Only one time did I have to trash a piece he sold me without consent. It was a chair that had beautiful lines but upon closer inspection had serious structural damage.

Today's repurpose is one of those mystery buys.
I had come to gather my winnings, as I call them. In my pile there were a few chairs, two lamps, an antique milk bucket, and this coffee table. The chairs, lamps and bucket were no-brainers. This coffee table had me stumped. Should I paint it? Should I scrap it for parts? Hmmmmmm..... So I was reading Road Kill Rescue and I came across this post. That was it!!!!

I don't have a before picture, but it looked just like the one she posted. I used the usual two inch foam and fleece. I had just gotten this awesome chevron fabric and decided it was THE ONE.

I LOVE this fabric. My heart skips a beat every time. No joke.

If I didn't have two demonic tots that destroy everything in their wake, this would be a keeper. I can't have fancy furniture. You're probably thinking I have awesome, beautiful perfect furniture. No. Maybe when the kids are 30. HA! But, since they are 3 and 4, it ain't hap'nin.
I painted it with homemade chalk paint and waxed it up nice. The knobs to the faux drawers were originally gold. I hit them with some silver spray paint.

I gave this bad boy about 4 layers of scotch guard, hahaha. Thanks for checking out today's post! See you tomorrow!

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