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Monday, February 4, 2013

Antique Folding Chair

This cute little folding chair had definitely seen better days. It was one of those mystery 'purchases' I got from an auction.
It looks decent in the picture, but it was falling apart. It was a simple fix, the screws were loose! It was pretty scratched up too. It got a good sanding and a fresh coat of stain.
I fund the maker's mark and did a little research. The company made folding chairs and tables until the early 60's. He was local too, from Fort Wayne Indiana.
Then I upholstered it with a pretty piece of mint colored fabric I found inside an old dresser. I think it might have been a napkin?

I found three more antique folding chairs at a different auction. They are in my basement waiting for me to redo. Along with about a million other things. Hahahaha!

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